Spring Textbooks

Books for online courses are sold at the bookstores on both campuses. In addition, the Des Plaines campus bookstore sells books for classes held at the Des Plaines campus and the Skokie campus bookstore sells books for the classes at Skokie.

  • If DDA is listed next to your course that means there is a Direct Digital Access required ebook for the class. Your instructor will provide instructions on how to access your DDA ebook. The DDA ebook is paid for by a DDA fee on your tuition and fees. Students do have the option to opt-out of the DDA ebook and fee. Consult your instructor or the bookstore for more information.
  • If the book says: "No information regarding course materials is available," please contact the instructor for more information.
  • Not all books are available at both campuses. The column "Location" indicates where the text can be purchased: "DP" for Des Plaines campus, "SK" for Skokie campus.
  • Due to the extensive nature of this tetbook list, please use a tablet or desktop for best viewing experience. You can use the Control-F function to search for your class.

R=Required; C=Choose one of the choices offered; O=Optional; DP=Des Plaines; SK=Skokie (RHC)