Q. Are there LGBTQIA2+ Student Groups on campus?

Oakton Pride is an Oakton student club for LGBTQIA2+ identifying students, allies, and others who simply want to know more about gender identity and sexuality topics.

Q. What offices offer LGBTQIA2+ programs and services?

The Office of Student Affairs, Office of Student Life, and other departments often work in partnership with Oakton Pride to host events that educate students and create a safer and more hospitable campus. Women’s and Gender Studies offers classes and programs that foster critical thinking about the complex intersections between gender and other identity categories such as sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, age, and ability.

Q. How welcoming is the Oakton community to LGBTQIA2+ students, faculty, and professional staff?

Oakton currently offers SafeZone and ally training for employees and students to become more aware, inviting, and inclusive of community members of all genders and sexual orientations. The Diversity Council focuses on Oakton’s diverse population and identifies ways in which Oakton can become more welcoming and improve the campus climate for all.   

Q. Are supportive Oakton employees easily identifiable?

All employees who have completed the SafeZone and ally training are expected to place a sign on their door or in their office space stating, “Oakton College Safe Zone.” Trained students are requested to wear their pin at all times while on campus to identify themselves as peer allies.

Q. Are there any gender-neutral/inclusive, unisex, or single-stall restrooms on campus?

At this time, there are a few single-stall restrooms in the Enrollment Center on the Des Plaines campus. However, the college is working on a plan for gender-neutral/inclusive restrooms on both campuses.

Q. Are LGBTQIA2+ sensitive counseling services available?

Yes. Counseling services are available through the Office of Student Affairs at the Des Plaines campus, Room 2270. Students at both campuses may also call the Office of Student Affairs to set up counseling appointments (847.635.1739). Counseling Services has historically operated a voluntary support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students overseen by an experienced counselor when the need arises.

Q. Are sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression included in the college nondiscrimination policy?

Yes. Read the policy here. Inquiries regarding compliance with nondiscrimination policies and regulations should be directed to the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Chief Human Resources Officer, Oakton College, 1600 East Golf Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016, 847.635.1600.

Q. Is there a procedure for reporting LGBTQIA2+ related bias incidents or hate crimes on campus? How does Oakton respond to such reports?

Yes. If you feel that you have been a victim of a hateful act, complete and submit the online Incident Reporting Form for Discrimination or Sexual/Gender-Based Misconduct. Oakton College practices zero tolerance toward violence and abusive behavior and takes such complaints very seriously. A Title IX investigator or conduct officer will respond to complaints within 72 hours of submission of the report.

Q. Where can I go if I have more questions?

Email the Office of Student Affairs at