Student Care Coordination

College is an opportunity for new and exciting experiences; however, it can also be a challenging time. Students may face life events that impact their academic success and persistence. These challenges may come in the form of unexpected crises, mental health or physical concerns, a lack of basic needs, or overall difficulty.

Care coordination is a holistic approach to student success and wellness. Care strives to remove obstacles and barriers by providing solution-focused interventions to address the varying needs of our students in order to promote their success at Oakton College.

Appointments are available in person and virtually. To request an appointment email

Some reasons to contact Care Coordination:

  • Navigating college processes and procedures.
  • Experiencing housing insecurity.
  • Experiencing food insecurity.
  • Experiencing financial stressors.
  • Assistance in accessing services on and/or off campus.
  • Exploring eligibility for entitlements and benefits.
  • Exploring options when dealing with life events that threaten your ability to remain enrolled.

Frequently Used Resources

Housing Insecurity

Food Insecurity

  • Oakton Caring Closet
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository- Chicago’s Food Bank
  • Find Food Now - Greater Chicago Food Depository ( to find food pantries in your local community
  • Rental and Utility Assistance
  • Call Suburban Cook Call Center 877-426-6515

Frequently Asked Questions

Care Coordination differs from counseling services. Although Care Coordination is not counseling, care staff develop close helping relationships with students while coaching them toward appropriate resources, self-care, and self-advocacy.

Absolutely. Our goal is to assist whenever life events interrupt your academic success at Oakton.

Your first appointment will be an intake appointment where we will complete a needs assessment to help identify the various areas of support. During this appointment, we will identify both your short term and long term needs. Follow up appointments will consist of support and providing linkage to resources on and/or off campus that address the short and long term needs identified.

Yes. The two services are separate and can be accessed simultaneously.

Students will never be turned away for support and services. Various statuses may impact student’s eligibility for external entitlements and benefits.

No. Students can reach out for help and support on their own.