Emerging Leader: Level 2

The goal of the Emerging Leader Program is to enhance student leadership skills and set them on the path to lifelong success. Once participants have completed Level I of the Program, they are eligible to continue onto Level II. Only 20 students are selected to participate in this level.

Students Who Complete the Level II Program Will:

  • Engage in in-depth leadership studies regarding personal interaction style, group dynamics, problem resolution, and cultural competency.
  • Serve in a leadership role for a student club or organization - or comparable activity.
  • Prepare for high-level leadership in the campus community.
  • Develop strong interpersonal and business skills.
  • Identify personal strengths in project completion.
  • Engage in a career exploration and professional readiness activity or begin active work in the college search and transfer process.

Program Activities/Requirements (approximately 50 hours):

  • Attend eight two-hour classes on specific leadership topics and skills.
  • Attend presentations or workshops offered by various College departments.
  • Complete three significant steps toward fulfilling your personal plan (developed during Level 1).
  • Complete a three-step project that demonstrates mastery of the leadership skill set. Requires interaction with staff at each stage.
    Stage one: Program proposal including objectives/outcomes.
    Stage two: Program plan
    Stage three: Program completion including evaluation.

Reward for Successful Completion of Level 2:

  • Up to a $300 scholarship for Oakton coursework.