Degree/Certificate Evaluation

CollegeSource’s u.achieve® helps you track academic progress toward degree or certificate completion - so you can see how many classes you have left to complete a degree or certificate.

What is a u.achieve Degree/Certificate Evaluation?
A u.achieve® degree/certificate evaluation is an unofficial status report that displays your progress toward meeting degree or certificate requirements. The evaluation analyses your courses and credits – including transfer, proficiency, AP, and CLEP credits – and provides key information, such as:

  • Courses in progress and completed, as well as classes you have registered for but not yet started.
  • Grades and cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  • How these courses fit into your current academic program – or, if you are thinking about a change, where they could fit into another program.
  • Remaining course requirements for your degree or certificate.

Keep in mind . . .

  • u.achieve® is a reference tool you can use when meeting with your advisor. Oakton’s Registrar Services also uses the evaluation once you are ready to graduate.
  • u.achieve® evaluations are not official unless they are run and reviewed by the Registrar Services.
  • Students may use u.achieve® to evaluate any Oakton degree or certificate available since Fall 2015 (if you came to the College before that time, a u.achieve evaluation may not be available.)


How to Run a u.achieve® Degree/Certificate Evaluation
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or 9; Firefox; Safari or Chrome.

1. Log into myOakton and in the u.achieve® channel, select the link "u.achieve®".
2. Choose Request an Audit 

  • “Run Current Program” is the default choice, and your degree program and catalog year will be automatically displayed. Degree program is your declared program of study (if you have no declared program, the system will display associate in arts – AA0700).  Catalog year is your first year at Oakton (the system will display Fall 2015 if you started prior to this date.)
  • “Run Selected Program” is also available to analyze other programs. Select your degree and catalog year from the drop down box.
  • Below these choices is an “Options” feature you may use to tweak your report.  The default settings are:
    Include “in progress” courses (uncheck if you’d like to omit courses in progress)
    Omit planned courses (your “what If” courses)
    Run type: A-audit and evaluation
    Run in PDF format
    (you may also choose HTML)

3. Choose Run Audit.
4. Review the resulting Completed Audit Requests.  From the most recent audit at the top, choose View Audit > Open All Sections.
5. To print, press Ctrl/P to bring up the print dialog box.
6. To run another evaluation, choose the Audits tab and Request New at the top left corner of the screen.
7. Log out by clicking Logout at the top right corner of the screen.


How to Read your Unofficial u.achieve® Evaluation (pdf)


Where to Learn More About u.achieve® Evaluation

Questions for the Office of Registrar Services

  • I've completed all of the required areas on the u.achieve degree/certificate evaluation; how do I graduate?
  • Does an u.achieve® evaluation affect my transcript or graduation?
  • How can I change my major?
  • What is the process for obtaining a course substitution?
  • How do I understand transfer courses on the u.achieve® evaluation?

Questions for your advisor

  • If a course fulfills more than one requirement, how does u.achieve® decide where to place it?
  • How does a course split between two areas?
  • Why do two courses with the same IAI code not count towards my requirements?
  • Do repeat courses count?
  • Why does the evaluation claim I haven’t met a requirement when I believe I have?
  • How do AP courses and other proficiency test credits appear on my evaluation?

For all other questions, e-mail uachieve@oakton.edu. If you have a question about a specific evaluation, be sure to include:

  • Full name: last, first, and middle initial
  • B#
  • Degree/certificate

E-mails will be answered within three business days.

To learn more about your u.achieve® evaluation, stop in to make an appointment.

Enrollment Center
Des Plaines Campus
Room 1860

Enrollment Center
Skokie Campus
Room A100