Careers in Anthropology

What Can I Do With This Major? - Anthropology

Illinois Career Information System
Place the cursor on Education. Select Program of Study by Title. Click on the title of the major in which you are interested. Be sure to look at the list of related occupations. Select Occupations under Related Information. Click on any of the job titles for tons of information.

American Anthropological Association
Under Professional Development, click on Careers in Anthropology.

American Ethnological Society
The oldest professional anthropological association in the United States.

Association for Feminist Anthropology

Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges
An informal network of people who teach in precollege, college, and other educational institutions.

Society for Applied Anthropology
Under Resources, click on Careers.

Society for Historical Archaeology
Read Careers in Historical Archaeology.

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

Society for Medical Anthropology

Society for Visual Anthropology

Anthropology related Journals and Newsletters

Aerial Archaeology Newsletter

Anthropology Review Database

Archaeology Magazine

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