Careers in Physics

What Can I Do With This Major? - Physics

Illinois Career Information System
Place the cursor on Education. Select Program of Study by Title. Click on the title of the major in which you are interested. Be sure to look at the list of related occupations. Select Occupations under Related Information. Click on any of the job titles for tons of information.

American Institute of Physics
Click Career Resources.

American Physical Society
Click on Careers in Physics.

American Astronomical Society

Biophysical Society
Under About Us, click on What is Biophysics?

IEEE Nanotechnology Council Advancing Nanotech for Humanity

Institute of Physics
Click on Careers.

International Association of Nanotechnology

Materials Research Society

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

Nano Science and Technology Institute


Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World

National Nanotechnology Initiative

Nanowerk: Ten Things You Should Know About Nanotechnology

National Nanofabrication Infrastructures Network


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