Tutor Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to reflect on your most recent tutoring experience and provide your feedback below.

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If you need help remembering your tutor's name, please refer to the Tutoring Schedule, organized by campus: oakton.edu/learn.

Non-Course Related Tutoring

How many times have you worked with this tutor this semester?

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Overall, session(s) with this tutor were helpful and improved my knowledge of the subject.
The tutor welcomed me when I arrived.
The tutor tried to understand my question(s).
The tutor was patient with me.
The tutor understood the topics and subject.
The tutor knew how to explain the material in a way that I could understand.
The tutor asked me questions to see if I understood their explanations.
The tutor used different resources like drawings, graphs, pictures, etc. to explain the material.
The tutor gave me equal attention at the tutoring table.
The tutor was friendly to me.
The tutor treated me respectfully.
The tutor invited me to come back.
Do you think working with this tutor will help improve your overall performance in the course?