Green Parking on Campus

As noted in our Sustainability Guidelines, Oakton is committed to climate action, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainable transportation.

Students, employees, and community members who visit our Des Plaines campus now have more options for green parking.

Electric Vehicle Charging

A Chargepoint Level 2 dual charging station was installed in June 2017 on the Des Plaines campus. The stations located at the south side of Parking Lot D (close to the Lee Center). Drivers of electric vehicles may park in one of the two designated spots while they are charging. Out of respect for other EV drivers, we ask that you move your vehicle to a different space when your charge is complete.

The Oakton station is visible on all PlugShare maps.

Low-Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking

A row of reserved spots for low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicle parking is located on the East side of the Lee Center on Des Plaines campus, in Parking Lot D. A second set of three spots is available to employees only in Parking Lot C.

Not sure if your vehicle is considered fuel efficient? Electric or hybrid vehicles and motorcycles are a quick yes! For other, gas-powered vehicles, find your car’s Green Rating using the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) guide. If your vehicle scores a 40 or higher, you are encouraged to park in these locations!