Hydration Stations

Refill re-usable bottles with filtered water at hydration stations throughout campus.

Des Plaines campus

Main Building, 1st floor

  • Cafeteria, (Near Room 1430)
  • Enrollment Center, (Near Cashier’s office)
  • Fitness Center
  • Gymnasium
  • TenHoeve Center (Near Room 1621)
  • Exit 18, (Near Room 1509)

Main Building, 2nd floor

  • Near Room 2462

Lee Center, 1st floor

  • Near restrooms next to lounge

Lee Center, 2nd floor

  • Near Room 224

Lee Center, 3rd floor

  • Near Room 343

Skokie campus

1st floor

  • Cafeteria
  • P Wing, (Near Room P142)

Coming soon to the Skokie campus

1st floor

  • C Wing, (Near Room C105)

2nd floor

  • A Wing, (Near Room A231)