Career and Transfer Center

As part of our commitment to your success and ensuring you get real value from your time with us, Oakton's Career and Transfer Center (CTC) offers a variety of resources and services to prepare you for a meaningful career.

From one-on-one guidance from career and transfer coaches to job coaching and workshops, you'll be well prepared to select courses and a major that fit your personality and interests. Then you'll learn the skills to stand out and be a success when you look for a job.

Even better: All these services are available for free to currently enrolled students and to alumni with an Oakton-awarded degree or certificate.

Because we aim to be a resource for our whole community, we also offer career-search tools for free at the Career and Transfer Center on the Des Plaines campus during school business hours. These include job search workshops, our online job board, computer-assisted career guidance software and useful tools such as computers, printers and fax machines.

The Career and Transfer Center is a member of CCJobNet' Students, alumni and members of the community can view job listings sent to 14 partner community colleges by registering on

Our Mission

The Career and Transfer Center exists to provide comprehensive career support services to students enabling them to discover and pursue their career goals by aligning their academic efforts and personal development to their chosen career and transfer pathways.

Our Vision

Empower students to explore, discover, and design a career and transfer pathway consistent with their interests and aptitudes to achieve a fulfilling profession where they can deliver maximal value to the organizations and communities they serve.

Career and Transfer Exploration

When you meet with a career and transfer coach, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Define your goals for transferring or finding a career.
  • Identify your interests, strengths and preferences to help you choose a four-year school or job.
  • Clarify job values and assess the skills you most want to use in a career.

You'll do all this and much more so you can leave the CTC with a clear understanding of what you want to do—and how to make your goal a reality.

Job Search Coaching

Figuring out what you want to do is just the first step. Getting hired is second. With job search coaching, you will:

  • Create resumes and cover letters that reflect your strengths, experience and qualifications.
  • Become comfortable with networking and learn how to capitalize on the connections you make.
  • Understand how to search for job opportunities using Oakton’s online job board and through other methods, such as social networking.
  • Learn valuable tips for impressing potential employers during interviews.

These are just a few of the job searching coaching skills you'll develop at the CTC.

Looking for Your Transcript?

You can obtain a copy of your transcript through the Enrollment Center either online or by mail. Full details for both options are available on our Records and Transcripts page.