Career Services for Community Members

Career counselors take a developmental approach to guide community members through a process of career exploration and decision making.

Community members have the opportunity to learn more about their occupational identity, the world of work and how it is organized, how to investigate careers, and effective career decision making techniques.

Career and Transfer Center staff help community members to develop skills essential for a successful job search. Staff teach how to create effective resumes and cover letters, interview successfully, network, and use the Internet to locate job leads.

Career and Transfer Center is a member of CCJobNet. Community members can view job listings sent to 14 partner community colleges by registering at

Career and Transfer Center offers one-on-one career counseling and job search coaching free to currently enrolled students and alumni with an Oakton awarded degree or certificate. All others will be charged $45 per session to meet individually with Career Services staff.

Community members wishing to inquire about career counseling or job search coaching should contact the Career and Transfer Center Room 2901 (second floor of the Enrollment Center) on the Des Plaines Campus, 847-635-1735, or the Enrollment Center in Room A100 on the Skokie Campus, 847-635-1400.