Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships can be an effective workforce development strategy that builds a loyal workforce, provides a pipeline of talent, and ensures that standards of excellence are met.

For students, you can learn while you earn. Work part time in a high-demand field, earning a salary while also being paid to complete a certificate or degree. Tuition and fees are paid by your employer. At the completion of your degree, you will continue to work for your employer for a minimum of two years.

Benefits for Companies

  • Sustainable pipeline of talent
  • Increased employee retention
  • High employee morale and loyalty
  • Brand and name recognition

Employer Apprenticeship Interest Form

Benefits for Students

  • Earn income while in school
  • No student debt 
  • Guaranteed employment upon completion.
  • Earn certificates, credentials, and/or degrees in your field.

Student Apprenticeship Interest Form

For more information contact or 847.376.7165.

Apprenticeship Program Interest Forms