Enrollment Services

The Enrollment Services team is located within the Enrollment Center. This team provides general assistance with services including admission, registration, student records, academic advising, and financial assistance.

Michele Brown
Director of Admission and Enrollment

Des Plaines campus
Room 1860 • 847.635.1700 • enrollmentcenter@oakton.edu 
Skokie campus
Room A100 • 847.635.1400 • enrollmentcenter@oakton.edu 

Enrollment Services and Operations Staff

Enrollment Services
Michelle Blum, Enrollment Services Manager
Caitlin Melzer, Enrollment Services Specialist
Arbella Pera, Enrollment Services Specialist
Rosa Velazquez, Enrollment Services Specialist
Rebecca Wojcicki, Enrollment Services Specialist

Windea Hartsfield, Manager of Admission & Operations
Cynthia Lynn, International Student and Limited Enrollment Operations Specialist
Kunnain Osman, Enrollment Operations Specialist
Laura Sewell, Enrollment Operations Specialist

Enrollment Services
Anca Dobocan, Enrollment Center Coordinator
Jenny Diaz, Enrollment Services Specialist
Poleen Shamoon, Enrollment Services Specialist

Financial Assistance

Des Plaines
Jamie Petersen, Manager of Student Financial Assistance
Josh Budruweit, Financial Aid Advisor
Ashley Burnett, Technical Specialist
Elizabeth Gilbert, Coordinator, Student Financial Assistance
Lauren Hackett, Financial Aid Advisor
Sheila Tsatsakis, Financial Aid Advisor

Connie Negron, Senior Financial Aid Advisor
Rory Martin, Financial Assistance and Financial Literacy Coordinator