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A Career with an Impact!

Explore our completely self-paced online course and learn the key skills needed to become a public health contact tracer. This noncredit course has been aligned with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) training guidelines for contact tracers.

Why Become a Contact Tracer?
Preliminary information from the state and federal level suggest that more than 100,000 contact tracers are needed immediately to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Contact tracers work from the safety of their own homes using their cell phone and internet connection to help health professionals discover who has the virus, who they have been in contact with, how the virus is spreading, and how to prevent it.

What you will learn
Designed with flexibility in mind, students will navigate pre-recorded video lectures, discussion boards, quizzes, exams and case studies.

In our robust curriculum you will:

  • Discuss interpersonal skills and cross-cultural communication
  • Deepen technology proficiency
  • Explore health inequities and disparities, protecting health information, the role of health communication in disease prevention

Why Oakton’s Contact Tracer Program
This accelerated course is completely online and can be accessible by computer or your smartphone. This course can be completed in as little as three weeks, but students will have up to four weeks if needed.
You will experience:

  • Opportunity for credit-for-prior learning
  • Entry point to a health careers educational pathway in Oakton’s credit programs
  • Enhanced learning via cohort discussions
  • Instructional support from qualified instructors throughout the course
  • Organized self-paced program
  • Learning opportunities that cater to different learning styles
  • Embedded learning assessments
  • Program design using research-based best practices

Program Requirements


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