Transfer Credits

Submit your transcript to transfer credit to Oakton and/or meet course prerequisites.

Transfer of Credits to Oakton

Transfer of Credits from Oakton

Transfer of Credits to Oakton

Credits earned at United States colleges and universities
A student who has attended another college or university may transfer credit to Oakton. Students must complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits to the Enrollment Center to have their transcripts evaluated and to determine which courses will transfer. An official transcript must be sent by the other college(s) directly to the Enrollment Center.  The following conditions apply:

  1. The college previously attended must be an accredited and/or approved institution awarding college credit.
  2. Credit may be transferred for courses earning credit and successfully completed with a grade of D or above; however, if Oakton requires a grade of C in a course, then credit will be awarded only if the transfer grade is C or above.
  3. Only credit hours are transferable. Grades associated with the credit are not transferable, nor are they included in computing the grade point average at Oakton.
  4. Religion courses of a sectarian nature or courses that are not applicable to curricula at Oakton may not receive transfer credit.

Credits earned at foreign colleges or universities
Students who wish to have credits transferred from foreign colleges or universities, must request a catalog-match transcript evaluation report from Educational Perspectives. Students must also complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits and send to the Enrollment Center to have their transcripts evaluated by Oakton. Contact Advising Services for additional information.

Credit for other prior learning experiences
Students may earn credit for a variety of prior learning experiences. A student who has been officially accepted at Oakton and who has earned at least fifteen credits at the College with a grade of C or better may apply. Twenty-five percent of the credits for a certificate must be completed at Oakton. Fees will be levied. Credits for prior learning experiences will be awarded only to current Oakton students. All official transcripts or reports of examination scores should be sent to the Enrollment Center.

Normally students must demonstrate prior learning equivalent to a grade of C or better in the course for which alternate credit is being sought. Credit for alternate learning experiences may not be accepted by other colleges or universities. Some academic programs at Oakton may require grades of A or B in specific courses required for a degree or certificate.

Students must complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits.

For more information about credit for learning experiences, contact Advising Services at 847.635.1700.

Students may receive credit based on prior learning experiences in the following categories:

Advanced Placement Credit (AP)
Programs and departments may recommend the awarding of credit for courses that include material tested on Advanced Placement (AP) examinations.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Credit for successful performance on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General Examination area will be awarded as elective credit in that subject area. Credit for successful performance on CLEP Subject Examinations will be awarded for specific courses determined by the department to be equivalent in content to the Subject Examinations.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations
High school students who complete courses as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program can have an official IB transcript from the International Baccalaureate Organization sent to Oakton. Students can order the transcript online at Credit and placement will be awarded to students with IB exam scores of 4 or higher in areas comparable to Oakton curriculum. The IB course equivalency table ldemonstrates specific credits that will be awarded based on the IB subject and corresponding score. Each of these courses fulfill degree requirements at Oakton in the form of general education coursework or elective credit.

United States Armed Forces Credit
Provide military records and complete the Request for Evaluation of Credits; see also our page on Transferring Credits for Military Education.

Service Credits for Health and Physical Education
Any eligible veteran who has completed a minimum of six months of active duty in the Armed Forces may receive credit for Physical Education 101. The veteran must submit a copy of Form DD214 to the
Enrollment Center.

United States Armed Forces Institute Credit
Credit may be awarded for studies applicable and up-to-date for the student’s curriculum, taken either through the United States Armed Forces Institute or through professional military education training courses completed in the Armed Forces. Contact
Advising Services at 847.635.1700 for information about submitting documentation.

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)
Credit for successful performance on a DANTES examination may be awarded for courses determined to be equivalent to Oakton Community College courses.

Credits earned at institutions not accredited by regional accrediting associations
Credits applicable and up-to-date for a student’s curriculum which were earned at an institution that is not accredited by a regional accrediting association are conditionally accepted at the time of admission at the recommendation of the program or department chair, and dean of the division. Final acceptance of such credits is granted when the student has earned a minimum of six credits in college-level courses at Oakton with a grade of C or higher, and when the credits have been validated by appropriate College personnel.

College approved proficiency examinations
A program or department may establish an approved proficiency examination, successful completion of which shall enable a student to earn credits in the course(s) for which the examination is equivalent. A student may attempt a proficiency examination for a given course no more than two times.

Credit for experiential learning by an accredited college or university
The College may enter into an agreement with an accredited college or university to provide services to review and certify college course equivalencies of work submitted by a student in an experiential learning portfolio. Such credits will be awarded to a student when that student has earned a minimum grade of C in at least 15 credit hours at Oakton.

Credit through evaluation by Oakton faculty
Oakton faculty may review evidence and recommend awarding of credit in a career program and/or skill-based courses. Contact Advising and Counseling at 847-635-1741 for information.

Proficiency credits may be awarded to students at the completion of approved apprenticeship on-the-job training experiences in fields in which the College offers a curriculum. Such proficiency credits are applicable only to the specific program(s) to which these credits relate.

Credit for previous foreign language learning
Credit for previous foreign language learning can be awarded when a student applies to the chair of the Modern Languages Department in writing, requesting that credit be allowed for lower levels of a language up to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours; completes an equal number of semester hours in higher level language courses at Oakton in that language; and earns a minimum grade of B in each of these upper level language courses. More information is available on the Modern Languages Web page.

Credit for previous high school courses
Through the North Suburban Educational Region for Vocational Education (NSERVE), the College has articulation agreements with area high schools allowing students to receive proficiency credits for work completed in high school that is deemed equivalent to certain Oakton courses. Agreements exist currently in accounting, architectural technology (drafting), automotive technology, computer office technology, early childhood education, electronics technology, graphic arts (desktop publishing), health occupations, machine technology, and mechanical design (CAD). Other disciplines are being considered. (No additional fees are charged for articulated credit.)

Credit through American Council on Education/College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE/CCRS)
Credit may be awarded for previous noncredit learning experiences taken through an organization or agency recognized through the ACE/CCRS. Contact Advising and Counseling at 847-635-1741 for information about submitting documentation.

Transfer of Credits From Oakton

Advising and Counseling staff and counselors are available to assist students who plan to transfer to another college or university. Students are urged to discuss their transfer plans early in their college careers to ensure appropriate selection of courses. Current information on course equivalencies and requirements is available for most Illinois colleges and universities through Advising and Counseling. A receiving college or university has the authority to determine whether Oakton courses will transfer to that institution.

MyCreditsTransfer (formerly Illinois) provides the ability to publish Course Equivalency Guides, Academic Programs, Courses Offered, Transfer Course Evaluations, and Degree Audit Reporting in a web environment. Information is easily retrieved from the MyCreditsTransfer site on the internet by students, faculty, and the interested public. Students contemplating a transfer may submit their coursework to any institution within the MyCreditsTransfer network for evaluation against that institution's academic programs. MyCreditsTransfer provides information on courses, course equivalencies, and program requirements at a MyCreditsTransfer institution to anyone who accesses a MyCreditsTransfer web site.