Sample Response, WSAT Question Two

(Note: A thesis statement sums up the essay’s argument, while topic sentences sum up the main idea of each body paragraph.)

Government surveillance is a big issue in the news nowdays. Should we install cameras on street corners? Should the government track what we do? Some people think so, and I can see their point, but other people think it’s a bad idea. I am understand to that side as well.

Stopping Crime

Most of the people that think that it’s a good idea think that it’s a good because of how it will affect the crimes. For instance, if there are cameras everywhere on the street corners, then criminals will think twice before they do a crime. If people do a crime; the cameras will make it easier for the police to track them down and arrested them. Finally, the innocent people on the streets will certainly have greater safeties as they conduct their business.


In the other hand, the people who think it’s a bad idea mostly are thinking about privacy. These people worry that the government will be abusive or violate the constitution, they are concerned that the government will start collecting images of innocent people and invade our privacy. The government could start spying on our activities and threateneing people who are protests.

Which side is right?

In conclusion, I think it’s a good idea to put up these cameras; since I think the people who are concerned about prevent crime make a better point. Crimes like mugging, murder, and dangerous driving happen every day. By my house a little boy was hit by the speeding driver. Open the newspaper and see the stories of unsolved murders and shootings. I know many people who were victims of muggings, stopping these crime is more important than worrying about privacy.

Anyways, we can trust the government not to violate our privacy. We never see in the news the government violating our privacy. Thus, the people who want privacy have paranoia. But we cannot trust criminals on the street to care about us.

That’s why we need these cameras: to stop crime.