Meet TRIO Students

Neha Gheewala
Hometown: Valsad, India
Major: Business Accounting
Transfer Schools: University of Illinois at Chicago or Northeastern Illinois University

"TRIO is very helpful with all the transfer issues that a student may have.  Providing calculators and laptops is very helpful, as not all students can afford the expensive calculators needed for certain courses. TRIO "ROCKS"

Kiran Kalsoom
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
Major: Pharmacy
Transfer School: University of Illinois at Chicago

"TRIO helped me explore all possible academic opportunities, and is motivating me to complete my pre-requisite courses successfully."

Molly Hellum
Hometown: Skokie
Major: Liberal Arts
Transfer School: University of Illinois at Chicago

"Supportive, Understanding, Encouraging, Motivating, Available"

"TRIO has enriched my time at Oakton, made me a better student, and a better leader. I have received so much help and support from all the TRiO advisors at Oakton, I was able to set a clear path to my graduation."

Asmaa Shafiq
Hometown: Pakistan (born & lived in Saudi Arabia)
Major: Business Administration, Information and Decision Science
Transfer School: University of Illinois at Chicago

"Support, Success, Encourage, Compassionate, Confident"

"I have been an active member of SSS TRIO program for almost two years and a student leader for the past one year. Based on my personal experience, I can say with confidence that TRiO program has improved my personality, created a sense of satisfaction, developed confidence, and encouragement to continue reaching higher and higher goals in life. In addition, SSS TRiO advisors are a great help with career decisions. It is through my TRiO advisor that I was able to decide on my major too. Advisors also help with personal support, academics, transferring to 4-year college, guidance on scholarship programs, FAFSA, student life etc."

Nhan Bendewald
Hometown: Northbrook
Major: Nursing

"Helpful, friendly and stress reliever"

"I didn't think TRIO would make any differences in my life but I was wrong."

Ashoordin Ashoormaram
Major: Physics
Transfer School: University of Illinois at Chicago

"Responsive, passionate, academic support"

"It has been a helpful source of advising for me during my presence in OCC"

Cristina Gubernat
Hometown: Des Plaines
Major: Fashion Marketing/Management
Transfer School: The School of the Art Institute

"A second family."

Monal Punjabi
Hometown: India
Major: Pharmacy or Biology
Transfer School: University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue or Midwestern University

"One of the best experiences at Oakton"

"TRIO is the most important part of my academic success… thanks TRIO"

Kylette Lindsey
Hometown: Evanston
Major: Liberal Arts
Transfer Schools: DePaul University or University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Support, Foundation, Guidance, Security"

"TRIO is the extended family that I never had, in everyway."

Samantha Zalewski
Hometown: Chicago
Major: Secondary Education Physical Education / Biology
Transfer School: Northeastern Illinois University

"Found my way through college."

"Being in TRIO was a great experience for me. Without the TRiO advisor I would have been lost at Oakton."