Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the College offer internships for nursing students?

A. Oakton does not place students in direct patient-care positions (nursing, substance abuse counseling, etc.) because of the additional liability and supervisor requirements. (For information about becoming a practicum/clinical site for the nursing or substance abuse counseling programs, please contact the department directly.)

Q. I am starting my own business project. Can I request an intern?

A. At this time, Oakton will not refer students to work for “at-home” businesses. Please contact the Internship Specialist for more information.

Q. I am looking for an intern, but do not have enough funds to offer a salary. Can I still list a position?

A. Yes. However, the majority of internships offer salaries of $9-15 per hour. As the employer, you need to make sure you are competitive with other companies. We will list and offer unpaid internships, especially for not-for-profit organizations. However, unpaid internships are becoming increasingly rare (and more difficult for companies to have legally), and most students will expect some type of compensation for their hard work. Please keep in mind that many Oakton students are paying for their own education, and often are supporting themselves and their families. Most paid internships are eligible for partial reimbursement through the Illinois Board of Higher Education grant. Contact the Internship Specialist for more information.  

Q. I am not an Oakton student, but I have an unpaid, summer internship for which I need to earn credit. Can I enroll at Oakton for that?

A. Typically, non-Oakton students may receive college credit for unpaid internships through an independent study internship/practicum course. Students must apply and be accepted at Oakton, and will need to pay for the internship course. Visit the “Information for Students” page for instructions, or contact the Internship Specialist for more information.

Q.  I am not a current Oakton student, but saw a position listed on the Current Opportunities list that interests me. Can I apply?

A. The positions listed on the Current Opportunities page are available only for current Oakton students. Students can be part time, or enrolled in non-credit classes, however.