ICAPS at Oakton

Earn a FREE College Credential and Get Your GED or Improve Your English Language Acquisition Skills at the Same Time

The Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) program at Oakton helps individuals who are getting their GED or participating in ESL classes to train for a college credential at the same time.

Two students working at a computer

Career Training Focus Areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Health Careers
  • And More
Two truck drivers standing in front of a semi.

Program Highlights:

  • FREE tuition, books, and course materials
  • Experienced instructors and support personnel to best ensure your success
  • WiFi hotspots and laptops to utilize while in the program
  • Career exploration and job search support at the completion of the program
Nursing student tending to a mannequin in bed.

Other Information:

  • Stipends to support other costs like transportation may be included with some opportunities.
  • Spots are limited and eligibility is required.
  • You do not have to already be enrolled to participate.

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