Workforce Development and Corporate Training

We're ready to help you and your employees learn new skills, optimize procedures and increase productivity so you can stay competitive and drive business results. Our Workforce Solutions team will design and deliver training solutions to support your organization’s efforts to educate, train and retain a skilled workforce.

The success of our students is always our priority. We want the businesses they work for and run to succeed as well. To help workers and companies in our community remain competitive and thrive in today's rapidly changing business world, we offer continuing education classes for workforce development and corporate training.

Workforce and Training Solutions

We offer a wide variety of consulting services and customized training solutions. The courses can take place on our campuses, online or at your place of business.

Our affordable courses are taught by expert instructors who bring professional expertise and skill to deliver exceptional value for your money and time. The curriculum and training we offer are customizable to meet your business needs and available at a flexible schedule. Whether during the day, evening or weekend, we will work to accommodate you.

Most importantly, our training solutions have proven to be effective time and time again, so you can be assured your team will develop practical skills that they'll be able to put to work right away.


If you'd like more information or want to customize your training curriculum, please contact us at 847.635.1447 or


Campus Rentals

Campus Rentals is the solution for your business meeting needs. Take advantage of competitive space rental rates, access to free wireless internet, presenting and streaming capabilities, as well as support from experienced staff who are ready to ensure that your rental is a success. Whether needing to host a conference, company or organization training, or a long-term rental, we have something from everyone. Please take a moment to fill out our rental space request form to get started.

*Given COVID safety protocols and guidelines, some restrictions may apply.

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