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Ready to shift gears? A certificate from Oakton will prepare you for a high-demand job in less than six months. From marketing management to computer technology to the logistics of the cannabis industry, an Oakton certificate gives you the credentials you need to succeed.

Oakton Branding

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Expand your options and take the next step forward. Our certificate programs are flexible, affordable, close to home, online—and we’re here to help. In just four weeks to six months, you could be ready to start a new career in one of today’s hottest industries. So why wait? Fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 24, so apply today!

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Take a quick look at what our students are up to and how our alumni are succeeding. Or get to know our dedicated faculty and staff.

Student Profile

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An outstanding student, Shaira Pascua came to Oakton as a Wentcher Scholar and plans to become a speech pathologist.

Alumni Profile

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After dropping out of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Nick Frankel embarked on a soul-searching journey.

Faculty Profile

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For many people, dissecting a frog at school was gross and uncomfortable, but for Bill Strond it set him on the path to where he is today.

Staff Profile

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How does someone go from majoring in creative writing to becoming an academic advisor? Ask Lyttleton Callender.