Faculty Guidelines


Our goal is to serve both the faculty and students by providing a testing situation that parallels a student’s classroom experience while maintaining test security and efficient service.


WHO is eligible to take tests in the Testing Center?

  • Online course students
  • ADRC students needing accommodation for a documented disability
  • Students who miss their tests in class for an excused absence

WHAT limits are there for students who may take tests?

  • Do not send your entire class either individually or as a group.
  • Do not send students for re-takes or extra credit tests.
  • Do not offer the Testing Center as an option. Send only those who meet the criteria.

HOW does the process work?

  • Student and teacher must agree that the test will be taken in the Testing Center.
  • Faculty member must bring the test to the Testing Center and complete an instruction form that includes the student’s name and directions for administrating the test.
  • Students may take their tests any time the center is open. No appointment is needed. All tests must be completed by the closing of the Testing Center.
  • Students must present a photo ID or be identified by a faculty or staff member before taking a test.
  • Faculty must pick up completed tests.


  • One test that does not meet the criteria is one too many.
  • We appreciate your cooperation, because seating is limited.

Cases of Academic integrity are reported to the instructors.