Health Careers and Nursing

Oakton provides the guidance you need to take your first steps into a variety of healthcare and related  fields. Nursing and healthcare degrees are consistently in high demand in our region and across the county. Healthcare is an industry that affects every citizen of the United States, so you can count on job opportunities being plentiful and reliable. 

You will find that our healthcare programs cover the most in-demand positions, such as nurses, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians. We offer a range of degree and certificate levels so that you can enter the workforce right after graduating with your chosen associate degree in the healthcare field. We also understand that your academic journey may not end after your time at Oakton. Let us help you on your own unique path and continue to support your aspirations even after you leave our campus.

What Do You Want to Be?

From Certificates to:

  • Cannabis dispensary specialist
  • Certified nursing assistant (CNA)
  • Medical assistant
  • Patient care technician
  • Phlebotomist
Oakton student playing guitar on outdoor bench.

From A.A.S. degrees to:

  • Health information technician
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Physical therapy assistant 
  • Registered nurse

How Will You Get There?

Whether you're patient-facing or behind-the-scenes, healthcare professionals harness their empathy, teamwork, organization and positive communication into careers. Depending on the number of classes you take each semester:

Can be completed within 2+ years

Designed to be finished at Oakton and prepare you directly for the workforce with industry-relevant coursework.


Can be completed within 6 months - 1+ year

Gain a new skill or upskill to enhance your resume; complete it stand-alone or talk with Advising to plan how the certificate can be a stepping stone to a further degree. 

Nursing Department (RN, LPN) 

Health Information Technology Department

Medical Laboratory Technology Department

Discover majors and in-demand careers based on your interests. The Career Coach assessment is a 6- or 60-question quiz that links your interests to programs offered here at Oakton and local career opportunities. Don’t worry about education, training or cost when answering the questions; just consider what you would like to spend time doing.

Take the Career Coach Assessment

Iwona Zylinska

“The most important part for me was to learn how to apply analytical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills when working on specific real-life scenarios."

Discover how Iwona changed careers

Iwona Zylinska

A.A.S in HIT degree

Christian Vega

"I am taking my gen eds at Oakton with the goal of becoming an x-ray technician. I joined the Air Force because I wanted to serve my country. After my injury, I wanted to find a way to give back and I thought the best way would be to work in a hospital where I can help people who are sick."

Read about Christian's journey

Christian Vega

A.A.S. General Studies

Jessica Swider

“The professors at Oakton pushed me to ask questions, to want to know more. They do a really good job of realizing potential in students.”

Learn more about Jessica's career path

Jessica Swider

Phlebotomy Certificate

John Maye

“There is just a wealth of support here. My teachers and counselors have all immediately given me every resource available."

Learn how John changed careers

John Maye

A.A.S. in PTA degree

Talk with Admission to map your path

Where to Begin?

Every great professional starts out right where you are. The first step in your college journey (and where it takes you) is to fill out an application. Select this Area of Interest in your application, so we can best support you explore this path.