Late Start Classes

At Oakton, we value the importance of education, but we also understand that you have other obligations. Work, family and all of your responsibilities can make it hard to find the time to focus on your classes—or even take classes at all.

That's why Oakton schedules a number of "late start" courses in addition to our typical class offerings. Developed with you in mind, these courses start weeks, or sometimes even months, into the semester.

Late start classes available for a number of general education credits such as English and math, as well as classes necessary for completing degrees and certifications. Even better, these classes run on an accelerated timeline, meaning that you'll be able to get your credits and learning done in a shorter amount of time.

Make the Most of Your Time

To see up-to-date information on what late start classes are currently offered or to register for, please visit the online class schedule on the Oakton class schedule (Banner) website. You'll find the most current information, including day and time, credit hours, instructor and the number of seats available. If you've never taken classes at Oakton before, start by applying.

Note: Course information, including fees, is subject to change any time during the period for which the schedule is in effect.

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