Admission and/or Registration and Records

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Administrative Withdrawal Appeal Request (login required)

Administrative Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (140 KB)

Audit a class (PDF) (215 KB)

Business Educational Service Contract (PDF) (2,008 KB)

CAREER/Joint Agreement Application (PDF) (183 KB)

Change of Address (PDF) (99 KB)

Change of Program: Transfer Pre-major/Career Pathway (login required)

Change of Major/Course of Study (AGS) (PDF) (42 KB)

Change Student Record Request (PDF) (99 KB)

Duplicate/Replacement Diploma Request (PDF) (216 KB)

Enrollment Verification (PDF) (75 KB)

Evaluation of Credits - from other schools/sources (PDF) (145 KB) 

Prerequisite Override RequestFor Math courses, use the form below

Math Prerequisite Override Request (login required)

Student Information (FERPA) Release Authorization (login required)

Transcript Request Form (electronic copy)

Transcript Request Form (PDF) (79 KB)

Letter of Recommendation Form (PDF) (209 KB)


American Dream Scholarship (PDF) (543 KB)

Outside Scholarship (PDF) (157 KB)

Student Success Fund (PDF) (298 KB)

Financial Assistance

2024 - 2025 Applications and Forms

Change to Direct Loan Request - 2024-2025 (PDF) (217 KB)

Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request 2024-2025 (PDF) (276 KB)

Textbook Purchase Program Application 2024-2025 (PDF) (389 KB)

Financial Assistance Information 2024-2025 (PDF) (1 MB)

2023 - 2024 Applications and Forms

Important Instructions for Financial Aid Applicants (PDF) (129 KB)

Change to Direct Loan Request (PDF) (170 KB)

Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request (PDF) (229 KB)

Financial Assistance Information (PDF) (1 MB)

Textbook Purchase Program Application (PDF) (328 KB)