Summer Session

What are your plans for summer? Oakton College offers a range of summer classes that will help you meet your educational goals.

If you're attending a different college or university and want to get general education credits that will transfer, we're ready to work with you. Or if you're a high school junior or senior looking to get a head start on your college education, we can meet your needs.

Follow the directions below and apply today! If you need more info, our Frequently Asked Questions section below can help.

Apply and Register for Summer Classes

Applying for summer classes at Oakton is easy. Follow the steps below. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admission.

1. Apply

Fill out Oakton's general application form. Be sure to select "Visiting Student" if you only plan to enroll in the summer term. If you've taken a class with us in the last three years, you don't need to apply again, and you can skip to Step 3—registering for classes.

  • Submit Transcripts
    Official transcripts (high school, college, AP, military) are required for students seeking an Oakton degree. Copies can be submitted:
    • Electronically (if your current school uses Parchment).
    • Via USPS mail.
  • Submit Proof of Residency

2. Complete Your Online Orientation

New students need to complete the one-hour online orientation. Visit your New Student Portal and select "Next Steps" to get started.

Note: You must complete your online orientation before you register for classes.

3. Register for Classes

Register online. You will need your Oakton username and password to access your myOakton account.

  • Course Prerequisite Requirements
    Some courses have prerequisites that will block registration.
  • Students who have met the prerequisite may request an override by completing a Prerequisite Override Request Form.
  • A separate form is required for a Math Prerequisite Override.

  • Placement
    Placement isn't required if you plan to:
    • Enroll in a math or English course or enroll in a course that has a math or English prerequisite.
    • Continue at Oakton to earn a degree.

Placement in these areas is NOT required if you are only taking a class and/or the class does not have a Math or English prerequisite requirement.


For more on costs and payment options, please see our tuition and fees page.

Concurrent High School Enrollment

If you are a high school junior or senior and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of C or higher, you can sign up for classes at Oakton to get ahead in your college education. High school students may take one class per semester.

Visit our concurrent enrollment (Early College) page to learn more and apply. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admission at 847.635.1835 or email for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will courses I take at Oakton transfer to my primary school?

They should. Our general education curriculum is approved by the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), so credits will transfer to Illinois institutions, as well as many out-of-state schools. To be sure, we recommend that you speak with an advisor at your college or university.

Our transfer advising team can offer general assistance.

How do I arrange to have my Oakton summer course credits transfer to my primary school?

You will need to request an official transcript online through Transcripts Plus. You can find more information on transcript requests on our Records and Transcripts page.

Can I get financial aid for summer courses?

Oakton does offer year-round Pell Grants for eligible students; however, Oakton's financial aid is only available for students seeking a degree or certificate at Oakton. If a student is only registered for summer courses with us, they are not eligible for financial aid at Oakton.

How long are summer sessions at Oakton?

Regular summer school classes are offered during a seven or eight-week period. Oakton also has a four-week interim period between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the regular summer session.

The course section number indicates the duration of the course. For example, MAT 052 750 is a seven-week course, MAT 052 801 is an eight-week course and MAT 052 1E1 is an interim course.

When do summer sessions begin and end?

Summer classes typically begin in early June and end in late July. See our Academic Calendar for more information on the upcoming session's schedule.

Does Oakton offer summer classes on Saturday and Sunday?

No. We are closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the summer.

Are summer classes online or in-person?

Due to the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, summer classes will be delivered in an online format only for the time being. We are currently assessing options for remotely delivering lab-based courses and other courses that typically require face-to-face instruction.

How often will I have class?

Most summer school courses meet two to four times per week. This varies depending on the course. Visit the course catalog to determine if a class is synchronous (scheduled days/times) or asynchronous (no set days/times).

How many classes may I take?

You can take up to 10 credit hours during the summer. If you want to take more, you'll need approval from your Academic Advisor.

How many summer sessions does Oakton offer?

Two: a seven-week and an eight-week session.

Can I take a summer course if I will be traveling out of the country?

No. If you plan to be out of the country for part or all of a term, you will not be able to pay your bill, check your grades, register for classes or perform other transactions usually accessible through Some online classes are not accessible from outside the U.S.

Do I need to take placement tests?

Math, reading and writing placement is only required if you are enrolling in a math or English course, or enrolling in a course that has a math or English prerequisite. You also may need placement if you plan to continue at Oakton past the summer to earn a degree. Placement is NOT required if you are only taking a summer class and/or the class does not have a math or English prerequisite requirement.