Faculty IT Resources

myOakton Information

myOakton is our web interface (portal) with our student record system and a place for campus announcements, student news, and general college information. When using myOakton, you will see a channel for Information Technology on the employee tab. Through this IT channel, you can access information about using Banner (our student information system), GroupStudio, computer lab specifications, and information on the software review and ordering process.

Where do I go for Technology Help?

If you need help with an office computer, please call the Help Desk at ext. 1965. Information Technology cannot assist employees or students with using their personal computers, laptops, phones, or other mobile devices – except as it pertains to Oakton-specific applications (such as MyOakton or D2L).

If you want to become proficient in a specific application, such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc., the Center for Professional Development (CPD) has staff to help. The CPD coordinates workshops from IT, HR, and other areas and is a good resource for all your professional development needs. The CPD is only for employees of the College.

If you are looking to integrate online resources into your curricula or work on web pages for yourself, Instructional Technology can help you. Oakton uses D2L as its primary Learning Management System. Faculty may also distribute educational materials via their home pages, use non-Oakton web-based teaching aids, stream video, and more. Consultations and workshops are available.

A significant responsibility of the lab coordinators is to maintain all of our computer labs and the computers in any classroom. If you have any problems with computers in classrooms, please let us know.

Where should I send my Students for Computer Help?

Our lab coordinators, and the student employees who work for them, are available to help Oakton's computer lab users with general computer questions (login id problems, how do I save a file, send an email, etc.); for more in-depth or specialized help, students should work with tutors from the Learning Center. Each term, the Learning Center has on its web pages information about tutoring hours, which are also posted at the learning centers and in the computer labs.

How do I Schedule a Lab?

Scheduling computer labs for regularly scheduled classes (such as CIS131) is done by Registration and Records; any other scheduling of computer labs is done online through myOakton. Other scheduling includes booking time for credit courses that do not have an official lab segment but do want some regularly scheduled lab time, and or requests for a one-shot, single event or short series of events lab times will be accepted. Labs need to be scheduled at least one business day in advance; an email verification of which lab you are assigned will be sent. Please do not walk your class to the computer lab and hope for an open lab – and please be sure to book a computer lab for every week that you need it. Booking the room ensures availability and helps track room usage.

What else should I know about the Labs?

If you regularly use a computer lab with your students or require them to use a computer to complete assignments we urge you and your students to be familiar with our lab guidelines; all users of Oakton computer resources are expected to follow our Responsible Use Policy.

Color printing is available only for computer classes that pay a special lab fee to cover the additional cost of color printing. If students are not enrolled in one of these special classes, please do not require them to print in color.

Faculty should use Oakton's Copy Center for required printouts; please do not require your entire class to print out required readings, handouts, or multiple copies of assignments in the lab. The cost of using the copiers in the copy center is significantly less than using the lab printers and better use of the College's resources.