Network Directories and Remote Access

Employees and students with network access have a variety of directories available to them.

Each directory has a unique purpose, and on-campus is designated with a specific drive letter.

Home Directory - H: drive on campus

All network accounts have allocated storage space. When you login into your network account, you will see this as your  H:  drive, usually referred to as your home directory. Saving files to your home directory is no more complicated than saving them to a flash drive, with the added benefit that files in your home directory are accessible from any college computer as well as from home (if you have an internet connection) using Fileway.  

Web Pages - P: drive on campus

In addition to your  H:  drive, you have a  P:  drive where you can store or publish your own publicly available web pages. Any web pages or other files saved to your  P:  drive are instantly accessible to anyone on the web. The URL for web pages published this way is in the format:<loginid> or

Before you save any files to the  P:  drive, please visit Oakton's  technology policies  to read the technology use policies and copyright information.  All files that are published here must follow these official College policies.  Access to the  P:  drive is available from home through Fileway.

Shared Files - L: and M: drives on campus

Many instructors save files to "Courses" directories; the  L : drive for Course Resources, or  M:  for Course Shares. The  L:  drive is for shared documents provided by faculty, while  M:  drive is used for drop boxes, student-to-student collaboration, and sharing. On the  L:  drive, you will be able to  read  files stored there; in addition, many files can only be opened and used by one person at a time. To avoid most problems with editing, saving, and sharing samples files (unless you are told to do otherwise), you should first copy the file from samples to your  H : drive or a flash drive and then work with that new copy. Access to the  L:  and  M:  drive is available off-campus through Fileway.

Remote Access - Fileway

You can use Fileway to access the  H:, P:, L :, and  M:  drives if you have an internet connection. You can connect to Fileway at . We have set up a single sign from the  MyOakton portal to make this easy to access.  Look for the MyFiles channel on the MyCourses tab. Basic instructions on using Fileway/myFiles can be found in the  Quick Start Guide for using Fileway. More help is available by clicking on the help icon within Fileway. Standard FTP client software like WS_FTP or FTP Explorer does not work for the  H: P :,  L: , or  M:  drives.