Logging into Campus Computers

Turn on the CPU and monitor.

You will be prompted to click CTRL-ALT-Delete to start the login process. Before getting to a login screen, you will be reminded that users of our systems must follow our  acceptable use policy; because you will be responsible for abiding by these rules and policies, please take some time to read them through. The lab staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about the policy. Once you agree to follow the policy, you will be allowed to log in to our system.

Note: for next steps, everything you type should be lower case.

1. Type your login ID in the field next to "Username." (Again, all characters lowercase.)

2. Student Login IDs consist of the first letter of the first name followed by (up to*) the first seven letters of the last name followed by the last four digits of the Oakton ID.
*For last names shorter than seven letters, type as many characters as are available. This is the same login used on myOakton to register for classes.
Press <Tab>to get to the next field or use the mouse to left-click in the next field. Type your password in the Password field. (It will show up as asterisks.)

3. Initial passwords for new users will be one of two possibilities:
Those who applied to Oakton with a paper form should have received a letter with your password; you will need to change this password after logging in to myOakton using the password change icon in the upper right corner.

Those who applied to Oakton using the online form will use the password they created at that time.

4. Click on the OK button.