Departmental Proficiency Exam

Proficiency exams give students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. A program or department may establish a proficiency exam, successful completion of which will enable a student to earn credits in the course(s) for which the proficiency exam is the equivalent. The dean of the division must review the exam and the Vice President for Academic Affairs approve it before it can be used for the awarding of credit. Ordinarily, credit through a program or department proficiency exam will be restricted to career programs and skill-based courses. Successful completion of a proficiency exam must be comparable to a minimum grade of C work in the course(s). A student may attempt a proficiency exam for a given course no more than two times.

How to Obtain this Credit

  • Make appointment with chair of department to inquire about availability of a departmental proficiency examination for the specific course you wish to test for. Proficiency exams are not available for all Oakton courses.
  • Submit application to Registrar Services and arrange to take the test with the department chair.
  • There is a $20 nonrefundable fee for this exam, which will be paid in the Testing Center. 
  • Student is notified by Registrar Services when credit is posted.