Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Agreement

What is it?

The Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Agreement provides students who enroll in the Honors Program at the time of transfer to Roosevelt University the opportunity to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Scholarship. The scholarship is a renewable annual merit award of up to $3,500. The Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Scholarship is stackable with Roosevelt's $1,000 - $3,000 merit scholarships and $500 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship offered to eligible transfer students.


  • Opportunity to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Scholarship, with up to $3,500 in renewable funds.
  • Additional stackable scholarship opportunities, such as merit scholarships from $1,000-$3,000 and the $500 Phi Theta Kapa Scholarship.
  • Unique and immersive courses, original research, one-on-one mentorship with RU faculty, and experiential learning outside the classroom.
  • An “RU Honors Program” distinction on Roosevelt's transcripts—a valuable credential when applying to graduate programs, internships, and jobs.

Participation Details

In order to qualify for the Eleanor Roosevelt Honors Agreement, a student must:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment in the RU Honors Program, defined by taking at least one Honors
    course each semester.
  • Maintain adequate progress in the RU Honors Program, defined by maintaining an overall institutional GPA minimum of 3.0 and earn B grades or higher in Honors courses
  • Complete the Honors Thesis capstone sequence in the final year.

How to Apply

For more information visit Roosevelt University's Honors Program page.

 Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor


Ruth Cruz
Assistant Director of Admissions

Sarah Maria Rutter
Honors Program Director

Marjorie Jolles
Honors Program Executive Director

Des Plaines Campus
1600 E. Golf Road
Academic Advising, Room 1861

Skokie Campus
7701 N. Lincoln Ave.,
Academic Advising, Room A100