Roosevelt University College Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

What is it?

The NOYCE Scholarship program encourages science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors and professionals at Oakton to transfer and become licensed high school mathematics or science teachers at Roosevelt University. Noyce Scholars are eligible to receive a $10,000 scholarship during their junior and senior years at Roosevelt. Graduate students are eligible to receive a $9,000 scholarship during each of the two years of the secondary education MA degree program. All scholars need to complete all courses required for Illinois licensure.

NOYCE Scholarship

  • An annual scholarship is awarded to qualified junior, senior and fifth-year post-baccalaureate students who intend to become high school math and science teachers.
  • The NOYCE program will award $10,000 undergraduate scholarships, per year, for up to a maximum of $20,000, and $9,000 graduate scholarships, per year, up to a maximum of $18,000.
  • During the summer, recent graduates will be mentored by Chicago Public School Master Teachers to help with the transition into the classroom.
  • For their first two years, graduates are required to attend workshops and participate in mentorship activities that focus on the needs of new mathematics and science teachers.
  • For every year of scholarship funding, graduates are required to teach in a high-need school for two years. Required work length: 2 to 4 years.


Noyce Scholarship Information Roosevelt Page

Noyce Scholarship Application

Apply for Admission Roosevelt

Admission Eligibility

  • Teacher licensure candidates in math, biology and chemistry programs must major in mathematics, biology or chemistry; have a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA; and have a minimum grade of “C” in all major-based courses.
  • The transcripts of career changers will be reviewed prior to admission to determine if all math and science courses required for teacher licensure have been met.
  • All candidates must pass the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency, or substitute a minimum overall score of 22 on the ACT, or a composite score of 1030 on the SAT, with a minimum 450 score in writing.
  • All candidates must earn passing scores on a dispositions-focused group interview and writing sample.

Participation Details

How To Prepare While At Oakton

Plan Your Schedule
Interested students should consult with their mathematics, science, and education advisors on their course schedule to ensure a smooth transition between their home college and Roosevelt.

Visit Roosevelt
Oakton students are invited to attend Roosevelt's lectures in mathematics, science, and education. For additional information, contact the faculty listed below.


Education Program Inquiries:
Byoung Kim, Ph.D.
Director, Noyce Scholarship Program

Professor, Education or (312) 853-4775

Mathematics Program Inquiries:
Melanie Pivarski
Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair
Mathematics or (312) 341-6763